Guiding Principles

Our Culture

Gnostech’s ability to provide quality services and products to our customers begins at “home”.  We place a disciplined emphasis on taking care of our People and ensuring our Business is well managed and positioned for sustainable growth.  This tells our Customers that we stand behind our People, our Company, and the services and products we provide.

Our People

Gnostech’s reputation as a company that provides world-class services and products is surpassed only by the reputation the Gnostech team has as being the best and brightest in the industry.  Every member is expected to uphold the highest ethical standards, be a contributing part of the team, and become increasingly proficient in their area of expertise.  In return, Gnostech will give our employees opportunities to grow, contribute, and be rewarded for meeting Gnostech’s high expectations.

Our Business

Gnostech will achieve and sustain our financial growth objectives without compromising our culture, neglecting our People, degrading the quality of our services and products, and sacrificing our reputation for being a premier technology, engineering, and secure information/knowledge sharing company.

Our Customers

Maintaining our Culture, focusing on our People and, properly managing our Business is ultimately driven by our desire to give our Customers the right services and products they need to achieve their organizational objectives. 


Gnostech’s DNA as an entrepreneurial start-up is the key to our continued success.  We value creative and novel methods to apply our Knowledge and the Technology we create so our People, our Business, and our present and future Customers can achieve sustained Success.