Software Engineering and DevSecOps

The warfighter has changing requirements that is compounded by the need to reduce security risk for software and system applications. The challenge is to provide rapid availability, reliability, code quality and security while new capabilities are constantly released into new customer testing and production environments.

That is why Gnostech develops myriad system applications using tools and infrastructure specifically designed to develop secure software code in an agile environment.

Development Security Operations (DevSecOps)

Gnostech’s approach to DevSecOps removes the barriers between development and delivery, eliminating organizational silos to unite stakeholders in the common mission of continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous delivery while maintaining the highest levels of security. Our use of static code analyses test for vulnerabilities throughout the development cycle. Likewise, we integrate Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level III practices to provide adequate program management and audit resources ensuring quality assurance (QA) and configuration management.

Agile Development

Gnostech incorporates agile approaches to speed up the software lifecycle and ensure the end-product meets both system specifications and functional requirements. To accomplish this, we implement the necessary infrastructure, processes, procedures, and tools to perform expedited sprint cycles. Gnostech’s pool of certified SCRUM Masters lead the effort to develop object oriented, secure, adaptable, and reusable code.

Code Development

Our engineers provide software and system-level enhancements for mission performance and special purpose systems, such as real-time/near real-time operating systems, Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) modeling simulation, and mission critical systems.

Custom Product Development

We develop tailored solutions for a variety of applications, including cybersecurity, mission planning, combat systems, and PNT systems. During a project’s inception, Gnostech works closely with stakeholders to model the system’s scope, develop the product vision, technology considerations, test strategy, and gather functional requirements. Our team then takes those ideas through design, implementation, QA testing, security testing, and ultimately to delivery.