Maritime Industry

Mitigate your maritime cyber risk.


The maritime industry is a diverse ecosystem of private, commercial, and government activities.  It is also at a critical peak with regards to cyber threats.  Every maritime organization, no matter the size, is a potential target.

Cybersecurity challenges are a systemic risk to the maritime industry with the use of cyber technologies for communications, access control, and other integrated control systems. Vulnerabilities within these technologies increase their risk for cyberattacks.  Cyber threats pose significant environmental, financial, and safety risks to an industry that is paramount to the global economy.  More than 90% of trade is transported by sea.  While reports of maritime cyberattacks have often been underreported, we are now seeing the impact in real time.

Safeguarding both the security and integrity of all maritime systems, assets, and facilities is therefore vital.  The challenge for maritime companies is to mitigate cyber risk while ensuring mission critical operations. 

Gnostech understands these challenges based on U.S. naval and maritime domain expertise.  Our 35-plus years of knowledge and experience as a defense industry technology services provider is the foundation.  Engineering is at Gnostech’s core, and we have a systematic approach to cybersecurity based on our DoD and DHS experience.  We have improved the security posture of our Navy and Coast Guard customers with capabilities that span the cybersecurity and information assurance spectrum.  We apply the same methodology to our maritime work. 

Our Cybersecurity Philosophy 

  • Cybersecurity is an organizational culture that allows technologies to succeed; not a technological solution that results in organizational success
  • A holistic and risk management based systems solution is needed - no single application, tool, or methodology will adequately secure your system
  • Implement state-of-the-market solutions, but remain current
  • A comprehensive maintenance and sustainment program is a critical component of keeping a high cybersecurity posture which minimizes cyber risk
  • Automate as many processes as you can to minimize human error



Gnostech’s automated patch management and vulnerability remediation tool that secures systems, and is designed specifically for the maritime industry and operational environment. 



Gnostech engineers can create a tailorable cybersecurity solution for your maritime organization with SafeHarbor, a suite of services encompassing our diverse cybersecurity engineering capabilities.  

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Gnostech is proud to be a member of the following maritime organizations:

  • The Maritime Alliance
  • Organization of American States (OAS) Inter-American Committee on Ports (CIP)