Export Compliance

Gnostech Commitment to Export Compliance

While Gnostech endorses the exchange of knowledge and international business expansion, Gnostech recognizes and respects its obligation to compliance with the U.S. export control regulations. Gnostech is committed to comply with the laws and implementing regulations issued by the Department of State, through its International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), the Department of Commerce, through its Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the Department of the Treasury, through its Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC).

Gnostech provides the export classification information of our products to support our customers in meeting their own export compliance requirements. Gnostech reminds customers that as the exporter, they are responsible for exporting Gnostech software in accordance with the EAR governed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Department of Bureau and Security (BIS) as well as any other applicable U.S. export control laws. Gnostech does not currently have any products controlled under the ITAR.

U.S. Embargoes and Denied Parties Screening

Gnostech products may not be exported, reexported, released, or transferred, deemed or otherwise, to any U.S. embargoed country that is listed in Supplement No. 1 to Part 740, Country Group E of the EAR, which is currently Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

Gnostech products also may not be exported, reexported, released, or transferred, deemed or otherwise, to persons/entities prohibited from participating in export activities by the U.S. Government. Search tools, such as Export.gov’s Consolidated Screening List (CSL) may be used to verify that persons/entities are not included in lists, such as the Denied Parties List (DPL) or Specially Designated Nationals List.

Gnostech Export Controlled Products

Export Control Classification Number (ECCN): EAR99
Reference: CCATS G173065, 03 August 2017